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Invest in the best NNN properties and take the advantages of 1031 Exchange tax rules


Triple net properties investment is one of the best investment options that can give multiple benefits to an investor. You can enjoy consistent monthly income, maximum percentage of annual property value appreciation, benefits to defer the capital gains tax from the sale of a property by using 1031 Exchange tax rule and many more. Now, interested first time investors and seasoned investor can take the help of Triple Net Investment Group. We are highly experienced in all types of net properties and commercial properties investment that can give unlimited benefits to the investors. Our headquarter is located in Falls Church, VA and our topnotch services are accessible for clients settled in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and all the 50 states. We highly specialize in sales of triple net properties and our professionals are committed to offer premium quality services to all our niche clients.

We understand that most investors prefer direct ownership of commercial properties instead of owning a security in the form of a mutual fund or REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). In direct ownership of NNN properties one has the ability to defer future capital gains by doing a 1031 exchange when the property is sold. Unlike mutual fund and REIT, net lease property sold according to the tax rule of 1031 Exchange can give immediate liquidity whenever required. Triple Net Investment Group is always there for clients to assist and consult while investing in triple net properties. With the help of experienced staff and highly professional agents, many clients have taken the benefits of this special tax rule by selling the existing property and acquiring another similar property. Once you have fulfilled all the criteria and essential procedures of this tax rule you can save large amount of money by not paying tax for the earning that you have made by selling the former single tenant properties ( coupon clippers) or net lease properties.  

Wise and practical investors prefer to invest in NNN properties such as Walgreens, 7- Eleven, Dollar General, Taco Bell, Auto Zone, Drug Stores and many more when they are in 1031 exchange because such investment can give consistent case flow without any hassle. Owners do not have any kind of financial & maintenance responsibilities and there is almost zero level of lease default. Such properties are leased out only to credit corporations and tenants, which are assigned good and standard credit ratings by renowned and authorized agencies such as Standard & Poor's, A.M. Best and Dun & Bradstreet. Unlike investment in bonds, apartment building, office and land, landlords/investors can get rid of stress and tension of property management, payment of real estate taxes & insurance premium and financial responsibilities for maintenance of appliances, building structure, roof and many more. Investment in single tenant properties ( coupon clippers) can give solid return of your investment monthly and annually.  

Some more benefits of investing in NNN properties following tax rule of 1031 Exchange: 

Ø  Exemption from payment of income taxes on the realized gain.  

Ø  Allow rebuilding equity by disposing of appreciation topped out properties.  

Ø  Allow the exchange of property that has similar or higher value that can give better cash flow and income tax deductions such as depreciation.  

Ø  Both current owner and future heirs exempted from income tax payment on gains.  

Ø  Ability to acquire more profit and turnover, which are almost equal to government free-loan for next investment. 

Ø  Assure lifetime property exchange benefit with accurate planning and strictly following government regulations.  

Now, all these extraordinary benefits are only a few steps away from you. The highly experienced professionals of Triple Net Investment Group are always ready to help you out in different types of nnn retail investments. We have years of experience in this service sector and hence, we are dedicated to offer the best possible services at attractive price range. Apart from this, we also help the clients to overcome certain risks that can hamper the business by our highly efficient business management strategies. In order to avoid lease default and other business risk, our professionals will assist the clients in various necessary steps including investigation of tenant’s business stability, financial status, debt to equity ratios and many more business strategies of the credit tenants that are keys for success of business growth and success.  


NNN retail investments are also considered better and more beneficial option than investment in stocks market, bonds and raw land because such investment (stock, bonds, etc…) cannot give the benefits of 1031 Exchange tax rules. Moreover, triple net properties exempt the owners from all types of management and financial responsibilities. One can become co-owner of investment grade and commercial real estate property by investing nominal amount. Such properties are also easy to sell at good profit whenever immediate liquidation is required and they also have negligible chances of lease default risk.  

Why clients should rely on us, Triple Net Investment Group for dealing with NNN and commercial properties? Few main answers for this question are: 

Ø  We specialize in 1031 Exchange real estate tax rules. 

Ø  Dealing with all types of NNN properties and commercial properties.  

Ø  Office space, warehouse and retail space are also covered in our service.  

Ø  We have access to reliable and updated property list of leading service providers.  

Ø  100% authentic and the latest market information are available with us.  

Ø  We pay utmost attention to the specific needs of all clients (buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants). 

Ø  Utmost client satisfaction and excellent services is our priority. 

Ø  Entire services at the most competitive fees and many more… 

If you are searching for the most suitable NNN real estate investment option that can give maximum benefits of 1031 exchange tax rule, trust the unmatched and professional services of Triple Net Investment Group. We are even ready to travel extra mile for our client’s convenience and satisfaction. If you have any query or want to know more about our incredible facilities, feel free to contact our agents or you can visit the official website.  





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